“A long time ago not forgotten this is a story about a man and a woman.”

That’s a line taken from an original written by Leina’ala and Jonathan.  The title is “COME CLOSE TO ME” but the drummer calls it ‘MAN AND A WOMAN”. 

Those who personally know Leina’ala and Jonathan knows the story of how

LAVA MOON came to be.  It really is a story of a man and a woman. Along the way they met interesting and talented souls who eventually played music with them.  

The band’s hometown are throughout North America and North Pacific.  Yes, Leina’ala refers to the U.S. as America cause she believes Hawai’i is a Sovereign Nation.  That’s another story. 

LEINA’ALA KAILIAWA a.k.a LAVA:  Ukulele virtuoso, singer/songwriter. 

JONATHAN SIEBRANDT a.k.a MOON, Johnny5000, Professor John or Lava’s muse: Guitars, singer/songwriter.

EDMUND SISINO a.k.a. Super Roadie: In addition to jamming on upright bass and electric bass, he is our go to guy. Poor thing he works so hard.

DAVE THOMAS a.k.a “DT” amongst other things.  Okay, he’s the drummer.

JOSH MANN a.k.a. Lil’ Putt putt cause he works sometimes at the mini-golf course.  Guitar and lapsteel. 

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